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SBS 354: A Special Guest With A Special Gift

It’s Interview Time! We had such a great time talking with Todd on our most recent episode! Check out a little sneak peak of what to expect! Find the full episode and the Accounting 101 Guide Here:

The Journey Of An Accounting Consultant

Todd Salkovitz has been representing AccountEdge for over 26-years. Now part of Priority Software, Todd is here to call us out on our comment, and I’m glad he did. Join us today as we discuss accounting and so much more!

Being The Voice Of Your Customers

Keeping the customers voice in your mind at all times is a great skill to possess when running a business. Check out this mini-segment where we go over an actionable way to collect customer feedback! Find Wufoo, Zapier, and Slack here:

Starting Product Releases With A Story

What’s the story behind your newest product or service? Let your customers know! Learn more in this mini-segment

Top 3 Biggest Small Business Accounting Mistakes

What are the most common mistakes in accounting for Small Businesses? 1. Expectations 2. Checkbook Reconciliation 3. Cash management Learn More In This Mini-Segment!

An Exclusive Accounting 101 Guide

Check out this exclusive Accounting 101 from our special guest Todd here: @Priority-Software — ERP Software