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Building A Content Creation Framework

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This week we wanted to put together some actionable strategies you can use when preparing your content calendar or framework for your business!

4 Strategies For Every Piece Of Content:

When it comes to planning the content you want to publish for your Small Business, the best way to start is by outlining the goal of every post you make. There are four categories that an ad or post can fall into.

To Educate

The purpose of this content is to show your expertise in your market area, as well as helping you manage your potential clients’ expectations of your product or service’s performance.

For example:

Here’s an example of a post we created for our social medias to help educate our followers on a topic you’d typically find in a marketing class. Our goal is to mentor and inspire Small Business Owners, so an educational post like this can create value and show your expertise in specific areas.


The next goal a post can have, is to engage or start conversation with your followers. This can be any type of post that is going to garner replies or comments from your followers. We like to use polls or question and answer sessions to gather engagement. Here’s an example:

Here’s an example of a post we put together when we hired our newest podcast producer! Introducing her and opening the floor to suggestions with a call to action can really garner replies and engagement for your business.


Next, you’ll want to have some ads and posts with the purpose of convincing potential customers to do business with you! Whether that be follow your account, buying a product or service, attending an event etc. In order to have a convincing ad, make sure you find the best way to convey value to your customers and potential clients!

Here’s a few examples:

Offer potential clients or customers value for choosing you over other competitors. We decided to give away our most popular Small Business Guide on Mistakes To Avoid While Starting A Business. You can still get this today at BusinessShow.Co/mistakes
Here’s a video example we’ve created for our Youtube Channel as an opening video for new viewers to see.


Lastly, posting content that inspires your customers and followers to take a certain action in their lives can be really beneficial for the success of your content. You’ll want to find a theme for these kinds of posts and post them weekly.

For example:

Each week we post a Quote Of The Week from influential entrepreneurs around the globe. We post these on Monday as a source of inspiration and guidance for our Small Business Followers each week.

A Weekly Content Template:

Creating A Weekly Content Framework can be really important in the success of your posts. Check out for an awesome content calendar for all your social channels.

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