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Building Loyalty As A Small Business

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For Small Businesses, making the sale is only half the battle. How we handle things after the sale is crucial to developing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat buyers.

Today on the Small Business Show, your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton discuss four after-sale situations where you have a chance to impress your customer, build that loyalty and earn their repeat business for life.

Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into 3 Factors Of Creating Repeat Customers:

  • Communication


It’s important to have open lines of communication with your customers so you can manage any friction points along your customer’s journey. It’s a good idea to send out post-sale thank you’s and invite your customers to have an pen dialogue about your product or service. It’s also a good idea to be transparent about the expectations and policies of your Small Business from the beginning with customers, not after the sale.

Shipping & Packaging

Packaging is often the first tangible experience a customer has with your product. Having a unique box helps you stand out and garner support from customers, and can help the organic spread of your products or services.

Check out Sticker Giant and for more help with your boxes.


Your return policy can be a secret weapon when it comes to bringing value to your customers. Having frictionless, quick, free refunds can ultimately gain your more sales overall.

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