Does the SBA Actually Help Small Businesses? Learning to Coach Your Customers

Small Business Show 353

Join us for episode 353 of The Small Business Show where we answer the question: What does the Small Business Administration actually do for Small Businesses? Then we jump into a new concept about how to coach your customers into good behavior.

Listen to your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as they share their experiences with the SBA and how coaching customers can be a win-win for you, your employees, and the customers themselves.

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #353 for Wednesday, November 10, 2021
  • 00:01:15 Power Napping Power Tips
  • 00:03:11 How does the SBA help Small Businesses?
  • SBA Training and learning resources
  • SBA Guarantees for loans
  • SBA: Register Your Business
  • 00:11:23 Sprinkle Your Magic Fairy Dust on The Business (aka DO THE WORK)
  • 00:12:56 Elon Musk…The Byproduct Billionaire
  • Sponsors
  • 00:19:29 SPONSOR: Marpipe. No one knows what they’re doing with creative testing…but Marpipe does! Book a free demo at right now and get $2,000 in credit. Offer expires December 31st.
  • 00:21:57 SPONSOR: Napjitsu. We love power naps here at SBS, and we know you do to. Napjitsu is a new way to recharge your body and your brain. For a limited time, receive 30% off your first purchase at
  • 00:23:33 Coach Your Clients Into Good Behavior
  • Distill things down to the gist
  • Your Return Policy is a marketing tool
  • Make it clear when you are negotiating and when you aren’t
  • Two Tokens Customer Service
  • “This isn’t a negotiation, it requires a change of thinking on your part.”
  • Don’t let your prices set prices or dictate terms.
  • 00:44:18 SBS 353 Outtro
  • SBS Reviews




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Small Business Show

Small Business Show

The Small Business owners’ podcast. Sign-Up and Get A Free PDF of Our Most Popular Business Guide Here:

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