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    Unlock your true potential through personalized instruction. Get paid for your knowledge and experience.

  • Rosemi Mederos

    Rosemi Mederos

    Rosemi is the Publishing Manager at Soul Excellence Publishing and the founder of America's Editor, a book editing company.

  • Brian Laffey

    Brian Laffey

  • Sonya Tapley

    Sonya Tapley

    Owner, Advisor & Accountant of Cloud Friday. Sharing insights and tips on accounting, finance, management, and entrepreneurship ✦

  • Glenn McCutchen

    Glenn McCutchen

    As a current Tow Operator, a business owner and a father of 6, I get intrigued by & share numerous things. See more at

  • Kanivel


  • Amelia Walsh

    Amelia Walsh

    Amelia is a professional freelance content writer living in Chicago. She’s an avid reader, former musician, and mom to Arwen.

  • Pooja Kothari

    Pooja Kothari

    I’m a mother of two boys, co-founder of three businesses and writer of numerous business stories. And I hope to help others become better entrepreneurs!

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