Hiring and Leveraging Great Employees

Small Business Newsletter

In this Small Business Newsletter, we are going to cover 3 foundational topics that all Small Business Owners should know when it comes to hiring and benefitting from rockstar employees.

We’ll cover:

  • What Type Of People Make The Best Employees (262)
  • Loyalty, Losing Key Employees & Managing Change (182)
  • Doing Your Employee’s Job (96)

What Type Of People Make The Best Employees

What type of people are the best employees? Does experience outweigh education? How important is personality? Are there certain traits that you can look for that can predict success within your Small Business when hiring?

  • Multi-dimensional people; the ones who have passions or have taken deep dives into a topic. What do they find joy in doing?
  • What kind of education and experience is needed for the role?
  • Do they fit the company culture?
  • Following Directions/ Communication Flow
  • Would You Want To Hang Out And Talk With Them?

Shannon’s Magic Question To Assess This: What’s the most important thing I can remember about you after this interview?

Loyalty, Losing Key Employees & Managing Change

If you own a Small Business, it’s bound to happen: a long-time employee drops a bomb by telling you they are leaving to take a position at another company. How you react can have a dramatic impact both inside and outside your business. Your actions will send a message to both your employees’ and your customers. Here’s a framework to get you through it.

  1. Why is this happening? Can I control it? Do I want to?
  • Don’t Take It Personally

2. What is the short-term effect?

  • Do they leave immediately? Will they continue to benefit the company if they stay?

3. Do you counter-offer?

  • If it’s just a money thing — yes — Is it beneficial to keep them? Can you afford to keep them? Would they want to stay?

4. Change Is An Opportunity For Growth — It’s Up To You To Be Positive

  • What are the logistics that need attention during this transition, how will the public and customer perceive this change, be authentic to create positivity

5. Avoid Dependence and Comfort To Avoid Stress

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket, diversify who you depend on.

6. Creating Loyalty

Transparency, Honesty, Investing In Your Employees’ Growth, The definition of loyalty is different for everyone, evaluate what being loyal means from their perspective

Doing Your Employee’s Job

Think you can do it better? The jobs at your company, that is.

Do you remember when you did every job at your business? If it’s been awhile since that time, join us today on the Small Business Show as we discuss how this “job swap” can energize you, allow you to reconnect with employees and provide some valuable insight into what’s really happening behind the scenes each day.

Why this can help:

  1. will help show ineffciencies and improve systems
  2. shows you’re on the same team with your workers
  3. Can help set a general workflow pace
  4. helps you know how you can make your employee’s job better

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