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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Pt. 1

Understanding what it means to be an Entrepreneur and the mindset that often comes with it is one of the basic building blocks of being a great business owner. In this week’s Small Business Show Newsletter, we will be covering 3 key points in training the Entrepreneurial spirit. Make sure you keep an eye out for part two, later this week, where we take a deeper dive into 4 more topics.

Today we will discuss:

  • Managing Entrepreneur ADHD (323)
  • Sourcing Encouragement (315)
  • Attracting & Amplifying Luck (293)

Managing Entrepreneur ADHD

Following up on Episode 321 where we questioned if ADHD is a “disorder or super-power” for Small Business owners, Brittany Smith, a Cognitive Neuroscientist with a specialty in helping people overcome the challenges of ADHD, discusses her take on turning ADHD into productivity.

ADHD manifests differently in everyone, but here are a few helpful tips we hope will resonate with you.

  1. Let the past be the past. What will you do tomorrow to fix this? How can you improve tomorrow?
  2. Take Your Upsides and Downsides and Leverage Them Accordingly
  3. Impulsive Choice vs. Analysis Paralysis- use your impulsiveness to escape analysis paralysis
  4. ADHD causes us to live in the extremes- finding the balance and minimizing the extremes can be the key to our success.
  5. Low Working Memory- having too many small unrelated tasks can become overwhelming, create a small simple task list, get an assistant, and avoid the shame and guilt cycle of feeling unproductive by creating a To-Did List.
  6. Balancing Reliability with saying no- Prioritize yourself as reliable and don’t spread yourself too thin. If you try to be everything to everyone you’ll wind up being nothing to no one.

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Sourcing Encouragement

When asked recently what encouragement he could provide to a new entrepreneur, Elon Musk replied: “If you need encouragement, don’t become an entrepreneur.” We believe it’s up to us as business owners to redefine what encouragement means to us. Encouragement must come from within if you want to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Here are a few things to remember when searching for encouragement:

  • Recognize Your Small Victories Everyday
  • You Create Your Story, it Doesn’t Create You
  • Take Pride In Your Team’s Success
  • Celebrate A Positive Culture and Positive Customer Feedback

Attracting & Amplifying Luck

Why do some people seem to be so lucky? Can you make yourself luckier than others? How can luck impact your Small Business? We believe luck is something to be constructed! How? Here Are Some Tips and Resources to Help You Construct Your Luck.

  1. Let the good stuff in- Put yourself in the way of opportunity
  2. A good mindset manifests good luck
  3. Control Your Reality with Positive Thinking
  4. Compartmentalize Your Life- Be able to disconnect from work or home life when necessary
  5. Take The Risks To succeed

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