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Deep Dive Into Episode 356: Hiring Your First Employee

Top 5 Medium Articles To Read

Business Spotlight: Dean Hung: Orchid Insanity

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Deep Dive Into Episode 356: Hiring Your First Employee

Your new business is doing great. But, you are doing everything yourself and you need some help. Is it time to hire your first employee? Listen in as Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean discuss this important milestone for any Small Business owner.

Knowing When You’re Ready To Hire:

Start By Filling Out This Organization Chart From The E-Myth: even if you are doing every task for your company right now. This will act as a roadmap for your company when it comes time to have others fill certain roles.

7 Signs You Need To Hire:

1. You can’t get the work done on time

2. You are turning down opportunities

3. There are new opportunities you can’t handle yourself

4. Your customer service is suffering

5. The quality of your products or services is suffering

6. You don’t have time to do things like accounting and other paperwork

7. Growth is stagnating

What Type Of Hire Is Right?

Do you need a co-founder? An Employee? A Contractor?

Make sure all responsibilities are outlined and understood between everyone!

Here’s A Working Agreement Template:

Who Should Be Your First Hire?

Someone who is a jack of all trades and has the willingness to do anything needed to help the business succeed. They should be well aware of and whole-heartedly agree with the mission of your business.

Here’s A Guide Of 13 More Steps For Your First Hire from Nolo:

5 Medium Articles To Read:

Social Media Marketing: “Welcome Back to 2007!”

6 Small Business Myths Debunked

Digitally Native Partnerships: 5 Tips for Building Successful Partnerships in the Digital Age

Time Management. The “Two-Hour Solution” Method

10 surprising things I learned from the first year of running a business

Business Spotlight: Dean Hung: Orchid Insanity

We love getting a chance to talk with business owners that have carved out a successful niche for themselves. Today we’re sitting down with Dean Hung, Founder of Orchid Insanity. Dean has built a successful business selling Orchids on his website, eBay and Etsy.

Listen and learn about the challenges of selling products that have to stay alive when shipping them worldwide and more!

What Makes Dean Successful:

  1. Focusing On His Niche
  2. Pre-Purchase Education
  3. Managing Customer Expectations
  4. Great Shipping Quality

Learn More Here:

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  • David vs. Goliath podcast, dedicated to helping small businesses
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